When I've finished a novel and need a great critique I turn to Vicky.  She is also my go-to reader for personal essays.  Vicky is smart, honest, and somehow is encouraging while demanding the best from me. I've sent many students her way and they all rave about her.  I couldn't recommend her more highly.

 Ellen Sussman, author of the New York Times bestseller French Lessons.

 As an editor, Vicky offers a combination of savvy literary criticism, insightful feedback, and careful line-editing. But she is more than just an editor. She offers a full-service editing experience, including heartfelt encouragement and concerned follow-up. She genuinely cares for her clients, and celebrates their successes as if they were her own.

Elsa Dixon, Associate Editor, HarperCollins

 From personal essays to short stories to magazine articles to novel chapters, Vicky has given my work thoughtful comments and critiques for more than ten years now. There are some pieces I just wouldn't submit unless she's gone over them. She's a thorough, yet kind reader who asks just the right questions. She reads and critiques with a big heart, open mind, and a laser-like ability to get to the crux of every sort of writing wrinkle out there.

Lolly Winston, author of New York Times bestsellers Good Grief and Happiness Sold Separately.

I value Vicky’s opinion immensely. She has a knack for seeing the personality of the writer in whatever has been written, and honoring the writer’s intent, while helping to carve away the extraneous trappings that so often get in the way. Her guidance is thoughtful, thorough, and always motivated by what is in the best interest of the work, as well as the writer. She’s a joy to work with!

Tracy Guzeman, author of The Gravity of Birds

Vicky is an accomplished, thoughtful and insightful editor of literary work, so much so that I recently turned to her without fear with a complete late-stage novel in-the-making. OK, there's always a twinge of fear, but Vicky quickly delivered just the focussed comments I needed to be able to go back in for another draft with great confidence. I highly recommend her. 

Lalita Tademy, author of New York Times bestsellers Cane River and Red River.

There is no better reader than Vicky; she sees the story for what it is and what it could be. I depend on her generous, thoughtful analysis of my work, on her depth of understanding and ideas for how to proceed.  I’m always enormously grateful for her detailed responses to sentences, voice, overall structure, tone:  everything.  I can’t recommend her more highly.

Helen Hooper, MFA, Stegner Fellow, Stanford University.

Vicky is more than a superb editor and critic. She has the magical ability to intuit the essence of what the writer wants to say even before the writer has realized it. She can alter a word here, a phrase there, and allow the hidden kernel of truth to sparkle through in ways that you never thought possible. I have worked with others and Vicky is the best.

Thaila Ramanujam, M.D., MFA, short story writer and novelist.

I found Vicky the perfect blend of smarts and understanding for the journey I was trying to articulate.  She found the areas of my novel that needed strengthening for that journey and provided invaluable direction and guidance. I highly recommend her.

Jeffrey M. Anderson, author of Little God Blues.