Services Offered

Light content editing: I will review your work and note any problems with clarity, word choice, redundancies, transitions, or awkward sentences.  I will mark content that could be cut or moved, offer alternate wording to clarify passages, suggest additions, pose questions, note continuity problems and inconsistencies, and, as always, let you know where your writing shines. This does not include a critique.

Developmental editing: Includes light content editing but provides a much deeper review with focus on the content of the story, its plot, tone, structure, pace, characterization, language and style. I will point out where your writing is most effective and how to capitalize on it, as well as what needs additional work and how you might approach revision.

Manuscript critique:  After carefully reading and analyzing your work, I will provide a written overall assessment of your manuscript, detailing your work’s strengths and promise and noting areas that would benefit from revision, with specific suggestions for improvement.

Manuscript critique and page comments: By far the most popular service, this includes light content and developmental editing and provides you with a thorough written assessment of the work along with page comments on the manuscript.

Preview edit for novels: Submit up to 5000 words of your novel opening along with a short synopsis and I will devote two hours to your material and provide a short critique, an editing sample and a recommendation for the level of service for the rest of the project. The cost is $150, which can be applied to the project fee if you proceed with any of the above services.

Rates: Rates depend on the project, the level of service requested, and the state of the prose. Short stories, essays and smaller projects are charged by the hour, with a two-hour minimum.  My hourly rate begins at $75.

Not sure which is best for you?  A short sample of your material and a brief email exchange or phone call can help determine the type of service that best fits your needs.  There is no charge for this.  Email me with information about your project and any questions you may have: