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Expert help for creative writers

We may write in solitude, but there comes a time when another pair of eyes and an objective opinion are what's needed. Friends or a critique group can be excellent sources of help and encouragement, but not everyone has access to a writer's group, or willing friends who are savvy enough to provide the level of feedback a serious writer needs. And what if your writer's group offers as many opinions as there are members? Or your aunt the college professor thinks your first person narrator has got to go when you are, or at least were, certain that was one thing that really worked? If you are stalled and confused, or simply want the close attention of an experienced fiction writer and editor, maybe it's time for a professional opinion.

Whether you are preparing a novel manuscript for submission, revising a short story or writing your first personal essay, I can provide constructive and actionable suggestions to help you move your work to the next level. I work with writers ranging from beginners to best selling authors and offer a variety of editing and critiquing services.  I see myself as a partner in bringing your writing project to fruition.  And I'd love to be of help to you.